Sealife Group to launch the second 5-star cruise

In this June, following the success of the overnight cruise industry, Sealife Group introduces a new cruise product – Sealife Legend 2 – promising to be a desirable destination and experience in Lan Ha Bay.

At the end of 2018, Sealife Group and those who are interested in overnight cruises welcomed a new symbol of Lan Ha Bay – Sealife Legend 1, with modern and fully equipped design corresponding to 5-star standard. In order to continue the tradition and successes that the elder sister Sealife Legend 1 has achieved in the past, Sealife Legend 2 is scheduled to be launched in June this year as originally planned.
During operating the Sealife Legend 1, we were honored to welcome many customers from all over Vietnam as well as visitors from other countries around the world. Through that process, Sealife Group has received feedback from customers to change, upgrade the service and give birth to “spirit child” Sealife Legend 2. With the number of rooms increased twice, from 27 rooms to 54 rooms, promises to meet a large number of customers from tourism companies or groups. Therefore, Sealife Legend 2 will definitely be a the ideal destination for teambuilding, class meetings or a company party for everyone to experience comfortable services and special memories at one of the most beautiful 5-star cruises in the Bay of Vietnam.

Along with increasing the number of rooms, Sealife Group also improves the quality of facilities. Keeping its own quality, Sealife Legend always scores points in the eyes of customers with luxurious design, elegant and warm tones. Looking forward to conquering more customers, Sealife Legend 2 has innovated with the facilities of spa, gym, bar and library to be one of the most advanced cruises of the tourism Quang Ninh in particular and Vietnam tourism in general.

Sealife Legend 2 is also a testament to the constant effort of Sealife Group in its desire to become one of the leading travel service companies in Vietnam and will reach the world in the near future. Sealife Legend 2 promises to be a new symbol of Lan Ha Bay, will maintain its position and further promote the success that Sealife Legend 1 has achieved since 2018.